Plugged Festival’s origins trace back to a rather spontaneous idea. In 2011-2012, a group of students envisioned hosting a band drink, an outdoor event filled with live music. The notion was so exciting that they wasted no time in placing it on the agenda and enthusiastically spreading the word! While finding live performers wasn’t much of a challenge, the technical aspects – like sound equipment and more – proved to be quite the hurdle. Not to mention, it came with a hefty price tag! The plan, truth be told, wasn’t meticulously thought out, but once it was on the schedule, there was no turning back…

Stay tuned for the captivating story of Plugged Festival – a journey that embraces the spirit of adventure and the love for music! Click on the poster of one of the (special) editions to learn more, see pictures, and watch the after movies.

Plugged Festival: Winter edition 2023
Plugged Festival 2023
Plugged Festival 2022


Plugged Festival: TU/e Lustrum edition
Plugged Festival 2021: Online edition
Plugged Festival: Winter edition 2019
Plugged Festival 2019
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